Review of Active Directory in Server 2008

Posted: January 5, 2011 in Active Directory, Server, Server 2008, System Information
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Active Directory is Microsoft’s implementation of a directory service. A directory service holds information about resources within the domain. Resources are stored as objects and include users, computers, groups, printers, and more.

In Windows Server 2008, five different server roles support Active Directory:


>Active Directory Domain Services

>Active Directory Certificate Services

>Active Directory Federation Services

>Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services

>Active Directory Rights Management Services


The primary role is Active Directory Domain Services. The other roles add to the capabilities of Active Directory. Objects include users, computers, groups, and more. The Active Directory database is stored only on servers holding the role of domain controllers.


A significant benefit of using Active Directory Domain Services is that it enables you as an administrator to manage desktops, network servers, and applications all from a centralized location.


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