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To search Particular set of File Types in a large set of Folders or in a drive, Instead of Windows Search which take long time usually, You can Run a Command which gives you the Log File with the Details of the File name, Location, Drive, space consumed.

To Proceed to Search the files:

1. Open Command Prompt

2. Get to Root Directory (i.e The Drive name in which you want to search)

3. Run the Command “dir /b /n /s *.wma,*.mp3,*.mp4,*.avi,*.mpg,*.mov,*.jpg,*.bmp >C:\ drivespace.txt”


You can search any kind of file by editing the above command, I have shown the command to search the Media and Photo files.

The Part (>c:\drivespace.txt) : here you can mention the file name and the path to save the file after execution.