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You may get the error message as below:


–          Not able to login to Domain Controllers due to low disk space in the systems drive.

–          You get the above error message and the server reboots every time.

–          Users not able to login in the particular network.

–          Users not able to access the shared resources from the Domain Controller.



–          Reboot the server and login using Windows directory restore mode.

–          Go To Start > Run and type ‘Cleanmgr’ and clean up the drive space of C

–          If you have lost the Restore Mode password then follow the below steps to reset the DSRM Password:

Go to Command Prompt from the nearest Domain Controller and type the below command:


set dsrm password

reset password on server ServerName

–          Once you have cleared the Space in the Systems drive, reboot the Server.

–          After Reboot login normally to the Domain Controller and everything should be back to normal.

–         Everyone should be able to access the Shared Resources from the Server.

User logon problems are sometimes hard to troubleshoot. Have you checked the Application log on the machine in question? There might be (most likely) some errors in there from source Userenv (ID’s 1053, 1054).
Turning on Userenv debug logging will also help in troubleshooting user logon problems. You can do this by adding a Registry key:

– Key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon
– Value: UserEnvDebugLevel
– Value Type: REG_DWORD
– Value Data: 10002 (Hex)

The log will be located in: %systemroot%\debug\usermode\userenv.log.

In the log you will exactly see what happens during logon at what time. If you see a large difference between times you’ll know what part of the logon process is causing the long delay.