Read-Only Domain Controllers in Server 2008

Posted: January 5, 2011 in Active Directory, Server, Server 2008, System Information
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A read-only domain controller (RODC) hosts a read-only copy of the Active Directory database. This is somewhat of an untrue, because changes can be made to the database. However, the changes can come only from other domain controllers, and the entire database isn’t replicated; instead, only a few select objects are replicated.


Usually, domain controllers are considered peers where they are all equal (with a few exceptions). Any objects can be added or modified such as adding a user or a user changing their password on any domain controller. These changes are then replicated to other domain controllers. However, with RODCs, changes to the domain controller can come only from other domain controllers. Moreover, the changes are severely restricted to only a few select objects.


The huge benefit of the RODC is that credentials of all users and computers in Active Directory are not replicated to the RODC. This significantly improves the security of domain controllers that are placed at remote locations.


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