Switch configuration

Posted: March 4, 2011 in Networking, Switch
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Enable mode: Used to view the switch configuration, port status and basic stuffs.

COMMAND: enable



Config mode: Higher lever mode to view advanced features, configure the device.  It is the mode from where all other modes can be entered.

COMMAND: configure



Interface mode:  used for configuring the interface

COMMAND: interface <ifname>

IDENTIFICATION: (config-if)#



Step 1) Set hostname

# configure

(Config)# hostname <name>


Step2) configure management ip

(Config)# interface vlan 1

(config-if)# ip address <ip add> <mask>


Step3) configure the username & password for Level 15

Config)# username <uname> password <pwd> level 15


Step4) configure default gateway

Config)# ip default-gateway <gatewayip>


Step5) configure http access

Config)# ip http authentication local


Step6) configure telnet, ssh and console password

Config)# line console

Config-line)# password <pwd>


Config)# line  telnet

Config-line)# password <pwd>


Config)# line ssh

Config-line) password <pwd>


Step7) Setup VLAN

Config)# vlan database

Config-vlan)# vlan 250




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