Dell Open Manage Installation Guide for ESX

Posted: March 4, 2011 in Networking, Open Manage, Server 2003, Server 2008, System Information
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Installing Dell OpenManage 5.x on ESX 3.X

Note: ESX 3.5 systems, Patch ESX350-200802412-BG need to be installed prior to the OpenManage Installation. This patch addresses an issue related to event reporting in Dell OMSS. This patch may be downloaded from For further details, refer to


Dell OpenManage Package from


Use the following steps to download Dell OpenManage:


1. Go to


2. Select “Drivers and Downloads”


3. Select the appropriate server model (example: PowerEdge 2950) or enter the Service Tag of the server


4. For “Operating System,” select “Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4”


5. For “Category,” select “Systems Management”


6. Click on “Dell OpenManage Server Administrator Managed Node” to download a tar package for Server Administrator.


7. If the version of Dell OpenManage you require is not the latest release, click on “Other Versions” to find previous releases


The following are the steps to install OpenManage 5.x on ESX 3.x:


1. Log on with administrator privileges (root) to the Service Console.


2. Make sure there is at least 512MB of free disk space in the /root partition of ESX Server service console. This can be verified by running the df –lh command in the service console.


3. Use the following steps to install OpenManage Server Administrator:


Copy the file to ESX using WINSCP to


# /etc/tmp/update

Create an Update folder under /etc/tmp


Unzip the file

$ tar -zxvf OM_5.1_ManNode_LIN_A00.tar.gz


where OM_5.1_ManNode_LIN_A00.tar.gz is the file downloaded from


4. Install OpenManage by executing the installation script and following the onscreen instructions:

# ./


a. If you are installing OpenManage on a Dell PowerEdge 1855, PowerEdge 1955, or on a system that does not have a Dell Remote Access Card (DRAC), use the following command:


$ ./ –b –w -s


b. If you are installing Dell OpenManage on a PowerEdge M600, M605, or a server with DRAC, use the following command:


$ ./ –b –w –r -s The options used in the OpenManage installation script expand as: b: Base install of OpenManage Server Administrator w: Web interface for OpenManage Server Administrator r: Dell Remote Access Controller (DRAC) services s: OpenManage Storage Management (OMSM)


5. To start the OpenManage services without rebooting the system, execute the following command:

$ start



6 To access the ESX server using an OpenManage Web Administrative console, open the ports used by OpenManage using the following commands:


$ esxcfg-firewall -o 1311,tcp,in,OpenManageRequest



To check the Dell Open manage





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