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This is how the name resolution works:

  1. You try to open up a Webpage on the Ignited Soul website, to do so, you type in the address bar of your browser and then press Enter, That’s when the Name Resolution begins.
  2. Your Computer sends out a request to its local DNS server or at least to one of the servers listed in its IP configuration settings for the same.
  3. If this server doesn’t include the name in its own database or cache, it sends a referral request to the name server. Because the Ignitedsoul site name ends in .com, the DNS server sends the referral to the .com name server.
  4. The .com name server is the authority for all names that end in the .com suffix. This server knows the location of all DNS servers that are the final authorities for a particular name ending with .com. in this case; it sends the request to the authoritative DNS server for the name.
  5. The DNS server for sends the corresponding IP address for the requested page to the client computer.
  6. The name resolver on the client uses the IP address to request the actual page from its internet provider.
  7. If the page is not already in the local cache of the internet provider, it requests the actual page and sends it to the client.

This DNS Name resolution process occurs within seconds, and the website appears almost as fast as you type it in browser, also depending on the speed of your Internet connection and the current load of the requested server. That’s what happens when you look at the green progress bar at the bottom of your browser. The actual progress also includes downloading the content such as the text and the graphics to your own computer.