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Robust File and Folder Copy. By default Robocopy will only copy a file if the source and destination have different time stamps or different file sizes.   Syntax ROBOCOPY Source_folder Destination_folder [files_to_copy] [options]   Key file(s)_to_copy : A list of files or a wildcard. (defaults to copying *.*)     Source options /S : Copy […]

This error may occur if the reported folder is not accessible by the Service account on which the Backup is configured. I use the below Robocopy command to backup my files to a network drive: Robocopy “Source Folder” “Target Folder” /e /r:3 /w:1 /sec /mir /z /b /np /log:c:\Backup.log As in the above syntaxes used […]

Robocopy Command

Posted: March 25, 2011 in Bios, Commands
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To run the Robocopy command you need to be in any of the two Servers. Then open the command prompt and run the below command: robocopy “\\source servername\Parent Foldername\Foldername” “\\destination server name\Parent Foldername\Foldername” /e /r:20    

Symptoms: The Device will be connected to the network, you will be able to ping the IP address assigned from DHCP to the device, but you will not be able to access the device using Web Interface and through network share too. The issue resists even though you have installed the software’s provided in the […]