Problems Connecting Buffalo Terastation LS -WSX1.0TL/R1 to Network

Posted: July 20, 2012 in Backup
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Symptoms: The Device will be connected to the network, you will be able to ping the IP address assigned from DHCP to the device, but you will not be able to access the device using Web Interface and through network share too.

The issue resists even though you have installed the software’s provided in the CD ROM.

Resolution 1:

I found a very easy solution for the issue. As you know we have a small switch below the USB port, where it is mentioned as AUTO; ON; OFF as in the picture below (Marked)

By default the switch was on AUTO, so I was not able to access the shares and the web interface.

I changed it to ON, and the very few seconds I was able to access the shares and through web interface too.

Note: The Green Light blinks when the switch is at Auto, As soon as the Switch is changed to “ON” the Blue light starts to blink.

Resolution 2:

Reset the Device. (*IMP: Make sure you have the Data backup in other device or a computer)

–       Please switch the Device to OFF and wait until the lights are off.

–       Hold the function button for 10 seconds while it is still off.

–       While still holding the function button after 10 seconds please flip the switch to off.

–       Once the function light begins to blink release the function button and press it again for one second.

–       Wait until the power light is solid and this will restore your unit.

*This process will not delete any data and will only restore the admin password and set the IP address back to DHCP.

Also check for the Antivirus and the Firewall blocks, even they may come into picture.

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