Trouble connecting to the ESX Host

Posted: September 6, 2012 in ESX, VMWare
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–          Not be able to connect to the ESX host through vSphere Client.

–          The vSphere client gives out error message as “Connection Timed Out”

–          You may not be able to Start or Stop the Virtual Machine.

–          The ESX may show as Disconnected from the Central Virtual Server.


Rather than proceeding to restart the ESX host, you can proceed to restart the Management Agents on the ESX host.

(Note: Restarting the Management Tasks may impact any tasks running on that particular ESX)

–          Log into your ESX host using the “Root” Credentials through the SSH Session, you can better use the “Putty” Software to connect to the ESX    host.

–          Feed the IP address of the ESX Host.

–          Then Click on “Open” in the end of Tab.

–          Once get the Console window, Login with Root Credentials

–          Run the below command to restart the Management Agent on the ESX Host:

–          Now you should be able to connect to the ESX host through the vSphere client.


Caution: Ensure Automatic Startup /Shutdown of VM is disabled before running the above command.


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