Identifying a Cross Over Cable

Posted: September 19, 2010 in Cables, System Information

From a distance, crossover cables look identical to regular network cables. To help you identify them,

many crossover cables come with a label such as “CROSS” taped to them. If you don’t see such a label, I suggest you add your own so that you can keep the two types of cable separate. If you didn’t do that and now you’re not sure which of your cables is a crossover, there’s a way to tell. Take the connectors on each end of the cable and place them side by side so that you have a good view of the colour wires inside. (A clear plastic covering helps here.) Make sure you hold the connectors

with the same orientation (it’s usually best to have the plastic tabs facing down). If the layout of the wires is identical on both connectors, then you’ve got a regular network cable. If you see, instead, that two of the wires—specifically, the red and the green— have switched positions, then you’ve got a crossover cable.

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