What Is Server Core?

Posted: May 21, 2010 in Server, Server 2008
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The Server Core installation lets you install a minimal OS for running just the chosen server

roles that would not even need a GUI. This means that you don’t have the huge ‘‘attack’’ surface

that will ensue from all the service requirements. One more thing: Once you install just Server

Core you can stand your server up in a secure environment, both physical and online, and

worry only about securing the services you are actually running. Once Server Core has been

installed you can then open Server Manager (remotely or via scripting) and install, among many

others, the following server roles:

■ Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS)

■ Application Server

■ DHCP Server

■ DNS Server

■ File Services

■ Print Services

Here are some more benefits of the Server Core installation alternative:

■ Lower maintenance. You only need to maintain on the server what is actually installed

on the server. Why worry about maintaining File Services on a server that is nothing more

than a simple domain controller?

■ You need less disk space. The Server Core requires only about 1 gigabyte (GB) of disk

space to install and approximately 2GB for operations after the installation.

■ Less management. Management costs in realms like security, availability, and service

level are far less than previous installation scenarios. You would not have to worry about

supporting a bunch of services and code that you are not using.


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