Managing Restart and Shutdown of Remote Systems

Posted: May 2, 2010 in Server, System Basics, System Information, WorkStation
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With remote systems, you need to specify the UNC name or IP address of the system you want to shut down or restart using the /M parameter. Thus, the basic syntax for shutdown, restart, and cancel delayed shutdown become

Shutdown remote system:

shutdown /s /t ShutdownDelay /l /f /m \\System

Restart remote system:

shutdown /r /t ShutdownDelay /l /f /m \\System

Cancel delayed shutdown of remote computer:

shutdown /a /m \\System

In this example, MAILER1 is restarted after a 30-second delay:

shutdown /r /t 30 /m \\Mailer1

In this example, the system with the IP address is restarted immediately and running applications are forced to stop running:

shutdown /r /f /m \\

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