Creating a Recipient Policy

Posted: March 28, 2010 in Active Directory, Exchange Server, Server, System Information
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You want to create a recipient policy to configure an additional email address or mailbox manager policy.


Using a graphical user interface
  1. Open the Exchange System Manager (ESM) snap-in.

  2. In the left pane, browse to the Recipients Recipient Policies container.

  3. Right-click on Recipient Policies and select New Recipient Policy.

  4. Select the property pages you a want on the recipient policy form and click OK.

  5. Enter the recipient policy name.

  6. Click on Filter Rules, click Modify, select the search criteria, click OK.

  7. Read the warning message that is displayed and click OK.

  8. Set the desired policies on the E-Mail Addresses (Policy) and Mailbox Manager Settings (Policy) tabs.

  9. When you are done, click OK.


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