Checking Whether a Windows 2000 Domain Controller Can Be Upgraded to Windows Server 2003

Posted: January 10, 2010 in Active Directory, Networking, Server, System Information
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You want to determine whether a domain controller is ready to be upgraded to Windows Server 2003.


Using a graphical user interface

Insert a Windows Server 2003 CD into the Windows 2000 domain controller or map a drive to the files contained on the CD. Run the following command from the \i386 directory:

        > winnt32 /checkupgradeonly
Using a command-line interface

To produce a compatibility report from the command line, first you need to create a text file containing the following information:

        Win9xUpgrade = Yes

        ReportOnly = Yes
        SaveReportTo = "\\server1\upgradereports\"

Save this file as unattend.txt, and then run the following from the command-line:

        > winnt32 /checkupgradeonly /unattend:c:\unattend.txt


The /checkupgradeonly switch simulates the initial steps for upgrading a server to Windows Server 2003. It verifies, among other things, that AdPrep has completed and checks any installed applications against a known list of compatible and non-compatible applications with the new operating system.


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