Display multiple clocks in Vista

Posted: August 19, 2009 in System Basics, System Information, Vista

With huge popularity of social websites there is huge possibility that you have found some friends which are spread across the planet? With Windows Vista, you can display up to 3 clocks, each representing a different time zone. You know immediately what time is in your friend’s country. This can help you to know in what time you can contact your friend. Of course these clocks can also have other purpose but this with social website was a simple example. To display multiple clocks in windows vista fallow steps below:

1. In Windows Vista, click the clock in the notification area, right of the taskbar.

2. The clock and a complete schedule appear. Click Change settings of the date and time.

3. Open Additional Clocks tab.

4. Then check the Show this clock, select a new time zone and then give a name to the clock.

5. You can then repeat the operation for a third clock. Click OK when you are finished.

6. Now when you spend a few moments with mouse pointer on the clock your other clocks will be displayed.

7. The time your friends will also be displayed after double clicking the clock.


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