Creating Your Own Search Folders

Posted: August 18, 2009 in Vista

Although the built-in saved searches can be handy, the real power of these virtual folders

is that you can make your own. As you use Windows Vista, you may find yourself occasionally

performing the same search over and over again. If that’s the case, you can simply

save the results as a Search Folder, which you can then access later as if it were a normal


Like the built-in Search Folders, any Search Folder that you create yourself is dynamic,

meaning that it can change every time you open it (and cause its underlying search query

to run). For example, if you create a Search Folder that looks for all Microsoft Word (*.doc

and *.docx) files, you may produce a search results list in which there are 125 matches.

But if you add a new Word document to your Documents folder and re-open the Search

Folder, you’ll see that you now have 126 matches. The point here is that Search Folders

aren’t static, and they don’t cease being relevant after they’re created. Because they literally

re-query the file system every time they’re run, saved searches will always return the

most up-to-date possible results.


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