Auditing Printer Usage and Management

Posted: July 19, 2011 in Printers, Server 2008
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Windows Server 2008 enables you to track print job success and failure on a logical printer.


You can audit access and usage to a logical printer as follows:


  1. Select the printer you wish to audit for printing and management. Right-click and select Properties; then select the Security tab.
  2.  On the Security tab, click the advanced button, which launches the Access Control Setting dialog box for the   logical printer. Click the Auditing tab.
  3.  On the Auditing tab, click Add and select the group or groups you want to access. Choose the Success or Failure audits you want to trap and click Apply.


That’s all there is to auditing printer usage. To check the audits, refer to the system log in Event Viewer.


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