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EF stands for “Education First”. Founded in 1965 by entrepreneur Bertil Hult, EF is a privately-held company with 16 divisions that offer a range of educational programs from language training, educational travel, and academic degrees to cultural exchanges. With a mission to break down barriers in language, culture and geography, EF has helped people of all ages and nationalities become citizens of the world.

From Berlin to Beijing, Moscow to Mexico City, Dubai to Denver, EF operates 400 schools and offices in over 50 countries. EF’s global network includes 9,000 staff and 25,000 teachers and guides. To date, EF has helped over 15 million people to learn a new language, discover the world, or earn an academic degree.

“Education First” is more than our company name. It is our corporate passion.

EF’s mission is to break down the barriers of language, culture and geography that divide us.

The Official Website


About EF Bangalore

It all started with the idea that rather than outsourcing our systems development and maintenance, we could do it smarter and better ourselves – with our own people!

Just over a year and a half ago, a team of people therefore came to Bangalore, the Santa Barbara of India, interviewing hundreds and hundreds of people to find the most remarkable talent the market could offer. We started small, hiring only the best of the best, and began the journey from a very tiny temporary office.


As the number of highly skilled people grew, we also initiated the hunt for a bigger and more suitable workplace. After months of negotiations with landlords and architects, innumerous approval stamps, vanished construction workers and delayed furniture, we finally got everything in place and moved in to our new EF office on Cambridge Road on February 1st.

The office was built on the notion that you should feel at home, even when you are in the office; it should be a place where creativity and ideas spire, where you can feel the energy and power to achieve the impossible, and where your friends and colleagues inspire you to walk the extra mile.

We in Bangalore are very proud of our new office and would love for you to come and visit, maybe have a chai in our coffee lounge or enjoy the views from our roof terrace. And, we would of course take the opportunity to show you what we can and will achieve with technology!

Get IT right! Own IT!

  1. Ajay Kamath says:

    Working here is the Coolest thing to happen to me …. EF BANGALORE ROCKS !!!!

    • Ramesh says:

      you are surely right dude!! really amazing place to work and have lots of things to learn!!

      EF rocks!!!

  2. santhosh prasad says:

    East or West EF is the Best.

  3. Deepak G Rao says:

    Had a wonderful time over there. . Loads of fun and learnt tons of things. . Missing EF big time. . . “Nothing is Impossible” over here. Had “Worked hard at the same time Played hard tooo” 🙂

  4. Paulette Henrick says:

    I’d love to work with this organization. I enjoy reading a post that will make people think. Also, thanks for allowing me to comment!

  5. Marth Callabrass says:

    Great post. Continue to keep more involving publications. Been following blog for Three days now and I should say I am starting to much like your post. I need to know how can I subscribe to your blog?

    • ignitedsoul says:

      Hi Marth,

      Thanks for your support, You can find the Email Subscription Tab at the End of the page, you can enter your Email there.

      You can even find the Tab Below the Chat Window in the right hand side of the page.

      Thanks & Regards,

  6. Mari says:

    Hey I stumbled upon your page by mistake when i was searching, I need to point out your webpage is quite useful, I also really like the design, it is beautiful!

  7. Claire Grif says:

    Great review!

  8. Luis Andrews says:

    good review

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  10. Poulami says:


  11. premkumar says:

    Hi team,

    Iam attend the interview two days before its awesome ef infrastructure ,really very nice place to working ……

    But iam thinking not selected in educational first…. i feel bad

    Employees who are working rockers……

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