Archive for July 19, 2010

The Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services (AD LDS), previously known as Active

Directory Application Mode or ADAM, can be installed using the Windows Server 2008

Server Manager. To install the AD LDS follow these steps:

1. Logon to the server, click the Start button and select the Server Manager.

2. In the Server Manger, click “Roles” and in the action click “Add Roles”.

3. Click Next on the “before you begin” page.

4. On the “select server role” page, select the “Active Directory Lightweight Directory

Services” and click Next.

5. On the Introduction page, click Next.

6. On the Confirmation page, click Install.

7. On the Installation Results page, click Finish.

The Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services role is now installed and the server is

ready for the Edge Server Role.