What You Need to Run Exchange Server 2003

Posted: April 25, 2010 in Active Directory, Exchange Server, Server 2003, System Information
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Exchange Server 2003 is a complex product with a remarkably easy−to−use interface for administration and

management. All of this complexity and parallel ease of use requires an industrial−strength computer. The

minimum server computer suggested here is for testing, learning about, and evaluating the product. It’s also

enough for a small, noncritical installation. However, as I discuss in the book, when the server moves into

critical production environments, where it will be accessed by large numbers of users, you’ll need to beef up

its hardware and add a number of fault−tolerant capabilities. On the client side, with the broad range of clients

available for Exchange, the machines now on desktops in most organizations should be more than adequate.

At a minimum, to test, learn about, and evaluate Exchange Server, you need the following:

Either Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 and any version of Windows Server 2003 or Microsoft

Exchange Server 2003 Enterprise Edition and Windows Server 2003 Enterprise or Datacenter Edition.

  • ·A 1GHz Pentium III− or 4−based PC with 512MB of RAM and two 9GB disk drives. This allows you

to complete exercises involving a single Exchange server.

  • ·A minimum of three additional computers in the class just described. This allows you to complete

exercises involving multiple computers in multiple administrative groups and Windows Server 2003


  • · Tape backup hardware or at least one independent disk drive for backup.
  • · A local area network (preferably connected to the Internet).

At least one 800MHz Pentium III or 4 or equivalent computer with 128MB of memory running

Windows XP Professional.


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