Vista Side Bar

Posted: August 21, 2009 in System Basics, System Information, Vista

Windows Sidebar is actually not displayed by default on all PCs. If the resolution of

your PC’s screen is 1024×768 or less, for example, Windows Sidebar will not display

by default. To enable Windows Sidebar on such a system, follow the instructions

in “Launching Windows Sidebar,” below. Then, right-click the Sidebar and choose

Properties. In the Windows Sidebar Properties dialog that appears, check the box

titled Start Sidebar when Windows starts if you’d like it enabled by default.

For others, however, Sidebar might not be a desirable feature. To disable Windows

Sidebar, right-click the Sidebar tray icon and choose Exit. (Do not right-click the Sidebar

itself and choose Close; that simply hides the Sidebar.) Then, uncheck the option box

asking whether you’d like to run Sidebar automatically when the system reboots.


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