Hack Admin Password From User Mode

Posted: August 19, 2009 in Hack, System Information, Tricks

Hack Admin Password From User Mode

Follow these steps:
1. Open command prompt (Start->Run->cmd),
2. Enter the following command, then press ENTER

This should open the computer management console.
3. Go to local users & groups->users. Right click on any user and select “set password”.

If you get a “access denied” do the following:

then use following commands
1) net user test /add (this command will make test named user)
2) net localgroup administrators test /add (this command will make test user as administrators rights)

and use net user command to reset your admin. password

  1. Camella Jose says:

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    it’s really workin…

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  3. arremotor says:

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    dites merci mon ami.

  4. Janeessey says:

    work’s great!!
    Please keep me updated at my mail id.


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