Thinking of Cheating at Solitaire in Vista?

Posted: August 18, 2009 in Vista

Unfortunately, Vista’s new Solitaire code seems to have broken one way that ne’erdo-

wells have cheated at the game for years. This scandalous behavior was first

revealed in Windows 3 Secrets all the way back in 1991. As that book explained it,

you could click Game➪Undo when playing a Draw Three game, and the last three

cards you turned over from the deck would go back on the pile. If you then held

down the Shift key while clicking the deck, only one card at a time would turn over,

allowing you to pick up a crucial card that wasn’t originally on top of the stack.

Whether by omission or design, that trick no longer works, and you’ll just have to win

at Solitaire the good old-fashioned way. (You can still, however, undo the turnover of

your last three cards if you suddenly see a move on the board that might benefit.)


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